Friday, June 4, 2010

The Diaper Dilemma

Diapers are such an annoying expense, but we all know that if you push them before they're ready it normally ends in disaster. So, we suck it up and buy the things. But when you get to the store and stare at all the multitude of decisions it's even more annoying, how are there so many different kinds?
When my daughter was first born we of course used every Pampers Swaddlers we could snag from the hospital cart and after they ran out we went to Luvs. Both seemed to do the job but I eventually switched to Parent's Choice once I saw the crazy price difference. And now 3 boys later we're still using Parent's Choice as our main diaper.
My in-laws supply diapers for our visits and always get either Huggies or Pampers Cruisers so we've really used every possible diaper brand created and here's what I've found.
Every kid is shaped differently and moves differently, whatever diaper you use the most will leak at some point. Whether during beginning mobility stages or growth spurts and your best response is to switch brands, and if your very loyal to your brand go right back and you most likely won't have any issues.
My big hang up is when the diapers pill with all those pee filled beads and then explode, they are such a mess to clean up! I've found that that only happens with the brand names lables, so that's a big reason I stick with my store brands. The name brands do tend to hold up better over night so whenever I get a box from my in-laws I extend it by doing store brand during the day and name brand at night.
What's funny is that it seems to be the exact opposite for pull-ups. Maybe it's just my son, but I'm washing a lot more sheets when we use name brand pull-ups then store brand. And with Goodnights he's sure to wake up wet in the morning.
What experiences have you guys had? Anyone want to back me on supporting the store brands?

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  1. I'm with you on the store brands! The only reason I don't use them when the kiddos are newborn is that they are too big! We haven't had any problems with our store brands and we had MAJOR blowouts with both Pampers and Huggies when my son was smaller. We use Kirkland/Costco and have heard great things about Target Up and Up brand too.