Friday, March 25, 2011

*SOLD OUT* Cuddlee Pets $3 shipped

1saleaday has an assortment of Cuddlee Pets for $3 shipped! Deal is only good today for those of you new to the site. You won't know which one you get until it arrives, I ordered 3, so here's hoping I don't end up with 3 pink bunnies for all my boys:)

Next best price I can find is Amazon and they range from about $10-20.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Kids Bowl Free

Bowling center, schools and Community organizations are launching for the first time Kids Bowl Free. Aimed to allow the Bowling centers to give back and supply safe, secure fun all summer!

Click on your state to find the centers participating near you. It allows for up to 2 free games a day, for the whole summer!

Unfortunately there are none around me but for my PA friends there are tons! Even Palmyra Bowling

Possible Free Hair Color!

John Frieda's Facebook fan page contains a survey that could qualify you for a free box of hair color.
I qualified!!!! Your product voucher will be mailed to you. Please wait 8-10 weeks for delivery. To learn more about the 20 salon-inspired Precision Foam Colour shades or how simple it is to achieve salon-quality results at home, we invite you to visit our website

For those who don't qualify you are still eligible for a $1.50 off coupon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saving money on meat

The last few weeks I've had some great finds on meat sales so I thought I'd share how I save even more than the sale price.

You have to shop the flyer. Most stores stock up on the weekly sales so by the end of the end of the sale they need to sell what's left, makes sense right?
Talk to your meat dept and find out when they do the most mark downs. For me, our sales run Sun-Sat and our store is open 24/7 so Friday mornings right around 9 o'clock the bring out all the newly marked down meats. Currently I have over 30lbs of both ground beef and boneless skinless chicken breasts in my deep freezer, just from the last 2 weeks!

Of course, during the week you can catch a few items here and there, but from my previous experience working in a grocery store and from what I've garthered talking to my current meat dept. the shipments come on certain days and before they can begin packaging the next week sales they need to get rid of the last weeks. Don't always count on it though, I was hoping there would be some left over corned beef to stock up on after St. Patty's Day and unfortnately they had sold out.

Pull-ups Potty Dance Party

"Oh, Mom what's in the package?" All my kids were asking when I recv'd the box from Houseparty for my Pull-ups Potty Dance Party. I couldn't wait to find out either, especially since I'd already invited a bunch of mommy friends enticing them with the freebies.

To make my party a success included were supplies for 15;

*Potty Training Success DVDs
*Dance mats
*Color pages
*Intro 5pts to Enjoy the Ride
*Pull-up info sheets
*Kimberly-Clark coupon books
**for me 1GB flash drive and 1 free coupon for Pull-ups**

Everyone loved, loved, loved the freebies! I had 8 moms and they were more than happy to take the extras for the siblings of the potty trainer. For the start of the potty I had running the games/activities and songs from the DVD because they wisely put them on a Play All feature. This gave us moms time to chat and talk about our potty experiences and what worked and more importantly what didn't work for each of us.

Prior to the party I watched the video so I knew what I was giving everyone and to my surprise was really impressed with it. To be honest I really thought it would be Huggies pushing their Pull-ups brand and filled with all the reasons why you should use Pull-ups but I was totally wrong. It was thoughtfully and informatively done, filled with great bits of information that would help any mom. And yes, I said any mom because they gave every scenario or every personality of child and parent to insure success. For example; how to train if you're a mom on the go.

Their were a couple things that I was disappointed in; 1)They only very briefly addressed night-time training. From all my talks with moms this is the most difficult to overcome and where the most questions are and there really wasn't any helpful info included. 2)One point was to never switch between diapers and pull-ups; once you back the change stay there and don't go back. I understand that this is situational, but that should be stated and should not be a blanketed 'never'. I do this with my child as a reward system. He is 3 and old enough to reason with, he know that if he wakes up dry he's earned the opportunity to wear a Pull-up, if he's wet he wears a diaper.

The party was a success, with the icing being all the helpful freebies! One thing we all agreed on even before the party; Pull-ups are the best for training, the Velcro side is extremely helpful, and reason enough to not buy other brands. And the various designs, from nighttime to cool alert, give the child what they need for success!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How we celebrate Dr. Seuss

There's never been a time when I can't remember celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. My mom, among many other wonderous things, always made a special point to remember his brithday growing up. I used to tell everyone at school about eating green eggs and ham and they thought I was crazy but still pretty impressed. At that time it really seemed out of the norm and like we were the only ones who even knew, now it seems it's all over the place.

Last night I took the kids to a party at the mall celebrating America Reads and honoring Dr. Seuss's birthday, my daughter's in a Seuss parade at school today and my son's preschool is having a Seuss party. Those are just the events we've done, there were numerous events that we simply couldn't fit into our schedule.

Tonight, however, I have saved for my family's Dr. Seuss dinner and thought I'd share what I planned.

We've gotten to the point that my kids recite or read the book when I read to them so we're having to do things a little different this year than eat a Seuss meal and read the story the meal is themed around at dinner. Here's what I've written (with help from the Dr.)for my kids to start the dinner off, hope you enjoy!

I wish I could do what they do in Katroo,
they sure know how to say "Happy Birthday to You!"
But we'll do our best in the household of Manning
to say thanks Dr. Seuss, for your caring and sharing.
I've cooked up your dinner with my cooker-mobile
to bring to your plates a Seuss filled meal.

We'll dine on the fruit of the Truffula Trees,
Cat and the Hat meatloaf that's sure to please.
With a side of custard with sauce made of mustard
just like the fine fluffy bird called the Bustard.
But, can you imagine eating as the beast called the Flustard
who only eats mustard with a sauce made of custard!

We'll have Who-hash but no roast beast,
since the Grinch ate the last at the Who Christmas Feast.
I've traveled far away to the Mountains of Tobsk
to bring back yummy, crisp corn-on-the-cobsk.
I've poured in your cups the juice of moose's
because moose juice, not goose juice is the preferred juice of Seuss'.

To end your meal 1 red fish, 1 blue,
a big fish, a small one and a puffer fish too.
Thanks, Dr. Seuss, today's YOUR day,
your mountain's inspired us we're on our way.
Just follow his lead and you will succeed,
98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!

So be your name Maddie, Andy, Grant or Harrison,
ALWAYS be the best of YOUR best and you'll always win!

I'd love to hear how your family celebrates, whether Dr. Seuss's or some other special day! I'll let you know tomorrow how everything goes and hopefully have pictures to post if my camera works!