Monday, March 21, 2011

Saving money on meat

The last few weeks I've had some great finds on meat sales so I thought I'd share how I save even more than the sale price.

You have to shop the flyer. Most stores stock up on the weekly sales so by the end of the end of the sale they need to sell what's left, makes sense right?
Talk to your meat dept and find out when they do the most mark downs. For me, our sales run Sun-Sat and our store is open 24/7 so Friday mornings right around 9 o'clock the bring out all the newly marked down meats. Currently I have over 30lbs of both ground beef and boneless skinless chicken breasts in my deep freezer, just from the last 2 weeks!

Of course, during the week you can catch a few items here and there, but from my previous experience working in a grocery store and from what I've garthered talking to my current meat dept. the shipments come on certain days and before they can begin packaging the next week sales they need to get rid of the last weeks. Don't always count on it though, I was hoping there would be some left over corned beef to stock up on after St. Patty's Day and unfortnately they had sold out.


  1. I'm sure the kids will thank you that you didn't stock up on corned beef!

  2. Yes, it was far from their favorite.

  3. I didn't even go there this year. Did you see my rainbow pancakes?? They were much happier kids this year!

  4. I can't not, I enjoy it too much. Those were really cute, after those rainbow sugar cookie lollipops from Maddie's Wizard of Oz party I haven't attempted rainbow anything.