Monday, March 21, 2011

Pull-ups Potty Dance Party

"Oh, Mom what's in the package?" All my kids were asking when I recv'd the box from Houseparty for my Pull-ups Potty Dance Party. I couldn't wait to find out either, especially since I'd already invited a bunch of mommy friends enticing them with the freebies.

To make my party a success included were supplies for 15;

*Potty Training Success DVDs
*Dance mats
*Color pages
*Intro 5pts to Enjoy the Ride
*Pull-up info sheets
*Kimberly-Clark coupon books
**for me 1GB flash drive and 1 free coupon for Pull-ups**

Everyone loved, loved, loved the freebies! I had 8 moms and they were more than happy to take the extras for the siblings of the potty trainer. For the start of the potty I had running the games/activities and songs from the DVD because they wisely put them on a Play All feature. This gave us moms time to chat and talk about our potty experiences and what worked and more importantly what didn't work for each of us.

Prior to the party I watched the video so I knew what I was giving everyone and to my surprise was really impressed with it. To be honest I really thought it would be Huggies pushing their Pull-ups brand and filled with all the reasons why you should use Pull-ups but I was totally wrong. It was thoughtfully and informatively done, filled with great bits of information that would help any mom. And yes, I said any mom because they gave every scenario or every personality of child and parent to insure success. For example; how to train if you're a mom on the go.

Their were a couple things that I was disappointed in; 1)They only very briefly addressed night-time training. From all my talks with moms this is the most difficult to overcome and where the most questions are and there really wasn't any helpful info included. 2)One point was to never switch between diapers and pull-ups; once you back the change stay there and don't go back. I understand that this is situational, but that should be stated and should not be a blanketed 'never'. I do this with my child as a reward system. He is 3 and old enough to reason with, he know that if he wakes up dry he's earned the opportunity to wear a Pull-up, if he's wet he wears a diaper.

The party was a success, with the icing being all the helpful freebies! One thing we all agreed on even before the party; Pull-ups are the best for training, the Velcro side is extremely helpful, and reason enough to not buy other brands. And the various designs, from nighttime to cool alert, give the child what they need for success!

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